Star Wars: Commander Mod (Damage) + Apk for Android

Civil war raging in a distant-distant galaxy! It’s time to choose your side of the conflict and lead it to victory in Star Wars: Commander mod apk! Stand on the side of resistance or head up the advanced imperial forces to go along with the heroes of the famous saga, the path of battles that will decide the fate of the entire galaxy. Build the bases and go conquer the new worlds to multiply your strength.

Gameplay Star Wars: Commander mod apk

Star Wars: Commander mod is a multiplayer strategy game in which you need to build a base and fight against rivals from among other players. You will lead an army of rebels or the Empire, depending on who you are on the side. Prepare for epic battles on a galactic scale and do not let the enemy’s side win!

Star Wars: Commander hack is a social game. And this means that you will need to communicate with other players and enter into profitable alliances. After all, together you can achieve much more than if you were fighting alone! Yes, and just have the right allies – not bad, given what troubled times the galaxy is going through.

Features of breaking Star Wars: Commander mod apk

Star Wars: Commander mod though it is a multiplayer game, but still you can take advantage of an interesting modification. The essence of it is that you can cause increased damage to the enemy! Thanks to this, all the battles in breaking Star Wars: Commander hack will pass quickly and easily.

The result

Star Wars: Commander mod is a great addition to the Star Wars universe, which will appeal to all fans of this franchise. You can not only command the forces of your beloved side, but also meet with all the main characters of the classic part of the saga.

Download peacefully breaking Star Wars: Commander hack. It is available to you completely free of charge and without restrictions. It remains only to download the game on your mobile device, choose the side and, in fact, start playing! With the modification, it will be much easier to play!

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