Star Wars Rivals Mod + Apk for Android

Star Wars Rivals mod apk is a stunning three-dimensional shooting gallery in the setting of your favorite universe, which invites you to take part in various epic battles, with the participation of both heroes and villains. Collect your character collection and play against other players, demonstrating your accuracy and speed. Well, or just go through an exciting and dynamic campaign where you can get a bunch of valuable prizes for your victories!

Gameplay Star Wars Rivals mod apk

In Star Wars Rivals mod is basically nothing difficult. Your task is to fight with the numerous troops of the enemy, who will again and again send additional reinforcements, just to grab you. Shoot from the shelter at the enemies, while trying to quickly deal with them, until you could not crush the number. So you will go through the whole game, winning and receiving prizes.

In the Star Wars Rivals hack you can open a huge number of various characters, including even the legendary heroes and villains. To do this, simply complete missions and accumulate experience over time in order to unlock one character or another for it. Each hero has his own skills, so keep this in mind!

Features hacking Star Wars Rivals mod apk

Star Wars Rivals mod also has a special modification for those players who want to simplify their gameplay. Take advantage of this opportunity if you want to easily and easily get access to all the possibilities in the breaking of Star Wars Rivals hack, without spending money and a lot of time!


Star Wars Rivals mod allows you to return to your beloved distant galaxy and take under your personal control one of the heroes of the saga, then to fight with numerous opponents and other players who will stand in your way to power.

You can always download Star Wars Rivals hack for free and without restrictions if you use the appropriate links and download the game to your mobile device. Also, you will be available modification for a more simple and dynamic gameplay!

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