Steampunk Defense Mod (Infinite Money) + Apk for Android

Steampunk Defense mod apk – this is your tower, which needs protection. It is the very center of the whole city and many who want to win it. Your task is to save and not to give anyone the tower, only then you will be considered the winner. The fight does not promise to be easy, because your opponents have been preparing for it for several years. For this you will need to try to put everyone in place and show who is truly worthy of this high-rise.

Gameplay Steampunk Defense mod apk

As soon as you start the game Steampunk Defense mod immediately go to the choice of warriors. Your budget is limited, so take those who agree to fight for pennies. But do not despair, because with the increase in the level you will be able to pump their characters. Try to do this as often as possible, because this is how you give your soldiers strength. Also, by raising the level you will be able to increase your army.

As the army is ready, now is the time to go into battle in the Steampunk Defense hack. Opponents will attack from all sides, so do not yawn. As soon as you see the enemy in the distance, then immediately open fire. Over each player you will see a health scale and can calculate how much ammo you will have to spend on it. Also, do not forget to buy weapons, because you will open new copies.

Features hacking Steampunk Defense mod apk

A special feature of the game Steampunk Defense mod is money. You can spend your wealth on strengthening the tower and on your army. Buying new soldiers do not forget about the old, because they truly served you. With each level in the Steampunk Defense hack will be harder to fight, but in no case can not give up. Even if you fail, you can always try again.


Steampunk Defense mod is a game that I can play both adults and children. Despite the simple design of the game, it is very popular. You can at any time plunge into the game and no one can stop you. Complete various missions and get rewards for them. Also, you can see your results in the rating table and brag to your friends.

To become the owner of Steampunk Defense hack does not need to have a lot of money. You can be bankrupt, then at the same time play this wonderful game. In order to install a free game on your mobile device, just click on one button. Have a nice game!

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