Steppy Pants Mod (Money) + Apk for Android

Steppy Pants mod apk is a whole series of tests in which you need to manage your virtual character and overcome many difficulties, literally stepping over obstacles and moving as far as possible. You expect a variety of levels, where there are extreme conditions to which you will adapt to win this fantastic pixel game!

Gameplay Steppy Pants mod apk

Steppy Pants mod is a fairly simple three-dimensional pixel-style game, where your only task is to overcome various obstacles. To do this, simply click on the screen so that your character moves step by step from one control point to another, accumulating points and confidently moving to the finish line. The main thing is to watch where you step, because one wrong move will reset your result and send it to the previous checkpoint!

In Steppy Pants hack there are a huge number of levels, each of which has its own characteristics and difficulties. However, one thing is for sure – they are all very difficult and to go through them is still a task. But do not despair, but just have patience and be attentive to overcome all obstacles!

Features hacking Steppy Pants mod apk

More money – more customization options! Therefore, you can download a modification for Steppy Pants mod and provide yourself with additional resources in the form of a huge amount of game money, for which you will purchase all the things in the game. This allows you to play Steppy Pants hack with all the features and without restrictions!


Steppy Pants mod is an interesting and very non-standard game where you will simply overcome various obstacles and enjoy the pixel, but three-dimensional world consisting of many details.

Create your character and go with him the difficult path you can immediately, as soon as you use the links on this site and download the Steppy Pants hack to your mobile device. Install the game and enjoy the gameplay without restrictions by downloading a cool modification instead of the original!

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