Stodden Mod + Apk for Android

Stodden mod apk is an exciting puzzle game that you can play every day. The game will especially please the minimalists, because here everything is decorated in their style. In addition, you will not be distracted by the bright colors and you can fully concentrate on the game. Your task is extremely simple – bring a small ball to the basket, but everywhere there are pitfalls.

Gameplay Stodden mod apk

In the Stodden mod game of hacking, you will play the role of an artist who will paint the road for a rounded object. You will need to bypass various obstacles that could destroy the ball. It is necessary to build a safe path so to speak so that the item falls into the basket. It is also necessary to take into account that the drawn sticks will fall and it is necessary to choose a fulcrum.

With each level in the breaking of Stodden hack you will be harder to think through the moves, because the number of obstacles will increase. You can draw a road more than once, the main thing here is to react in time. If you do not succeed the first time, then you should not immediately throw the game. You will have many attempts to try your hand again, so just go ahead!

Features hacking Stodden mod apk

The game Stodden mod does not have features, but it does not make it worse. Each level is preparing for you a new platform, where you can not repeat the road. Every time you have to think well about how to hold the ball in the basket. In Stodden hack, you can draw lines of any shape, as long as they lead to the desired result.


Stodden mod is a game in which you will spend more than one hour of free time. Each level will seem to you something unreal, and your excitement will constantly grow. If you can not think through the course, use the hint. Also on points earned, you can buy them and, of course, improve your position in the rating table.

Allow yourself to play Stodden hack everyone can, because it is very easy to install. Take the mobile device you use every day and connect to the network. Now click on the install button and wait for the full download. It remains only to wish good luck!

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