STRIKERS 1945 World War Mod + Apk for Android

STRIKERS 1945 World War mod apk – is a classic arcade game in which you will fly on a rather agile fighter and try to destroy enemy planes that threaten your home country! Get ready for an endless action where it is very important to be attentive and only shoot to kill. After all, your primary task in this game is to destroy all enemies, avoiding their hits on you!

Gameplay STRIKERS 1945 World War mod apk

In STRIKERS 1945 World War mod is very simple in its essence, however, it is difficult to complete the gameplay. You need to manage a small but very fast fighter, which is given an important task – to defend its borders from enemy aircraft. To do this, shoot at enemies without stopping, while avoiding response hits and collisions with enemy fighters that will appear here and there.

Breaking STRIKERS 1945 World War hack, it’s important that between the levels you can safely pump your plane, providing strong bonuses and upgrading weapons to be able to have more deadly destruction during the stages. Also, it will greatly facilitate the battle with the bosses, keep this in mind!

Features hacking STRIKERS 1945 World War mod apk

The main feature of the modification for STRIKERS 1945 World War mod is to provide you with generally unlimited resources for all sorts of upgrades. That is, with the modification you will be much easier to play than in the original! So passing the STRIKERS 1945 World War hack will be easier and more fun.


STRIKERS 1945 World War mod is a great opportunity to play a classic arcade game and fight with a huge number of opponents at various levels. Moreover, there is also an opportunity to pump over your combat vehicle, which allows you to enhance your capabilities in the fight against the enemy.

To download STRIKERS 1945 World War hack on your mobile device, you just need to follow the links and download the full version of the game without restrictions. Well, then – play and enjoy the gameplay, which will be available to you for free!

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