Sugar Smash Mod (Free Shopping) + Apk for Android

Sugar Smash mod apk is a very interesting representative of “three in a row” puzzles, which recreates some episodes of the popular cartoon “The Book of Life”, allowing you to meet new heroes again and together to go through fascinating adventures. Prepare to the fact that you are expected not one dozen levels, where it is necessary to solve various puzzles. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the cartoon and discover again this completely amazing world of the Dead.

Gameplay Sugar Smash mod apk

If you do not take into account the unusual style of the game, then Sugar Smash mod is a typical puzzle game with a standard gameplay. Collect combinations from the elements and get game points for it! Each level requires a certain number of these points from you, which is a very difficult task to obtain. After all, the number of moves in the game is very limited! Especially at the highest levels, you can not do without clues or a clever mind that can find even the most inconspicuous combinations.

Sugar Smash hack is good because it makes game purchases free. That is, all the tips and bonuses you can safely get and use throughout the game without any restrictions! This is very convenient and makes the gameplay much easier.

Features of Sugar Smash mod apk

Sugar Smash mod is an amazing world of a popular cartoon. Here, literally, everything is imbued with the same atmosphere that reigns in the fictional world of the “Book of the Living.” In the rest, the game can not please those who are already used to such puzzles. Only colorful and juicy graphics in breaking Sugar Smash hack saves the situation, because it favors a bright atmosphere.

The result

Sugar Smash mod – a very good representative of the genre, which will especially appeal to fans of the cartoon or lovers of quality games. In the rest, the game is unlikely to surprise you with any innovations, because they are simply not there.

Download and the original, and Sugar Smash hack you can free of charge on the links. You will get both a full version of the original game, and a version with modification, which facilitates the gameplay.

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