Supermarket Mania Journey Mod (Crystals, Coins) + Apk for Android

Supermarket Mania Journey mod apk is a game that will give you a shop. Now you can not only buy products, but also sell them. In this supermarket, you are responsible for everything, so do not let yourself down. Watch out for every customer, because even in the virtual world, not all are decent. As soon as you suspect theft or damage to property, immediately contact the guard, they will help you.

Gameplay Supermarket Mania Journey mod apk

The main task in the game Supermarket Mania Journey mod is not to miss a single buyer. Also, do not upset your visitors, so make sure that there are always products on the shelves. If the shelves are empty, then you need to replenish them. To do this, simply click on them and the manager will fill them. When your subordinate runs out of food, inside the basket, send it to the warehouse.

Buyers in the Supermarket Mania Journey hack will be left behind with dirt, since there are not always favorable conditions on the street. To remove dirt, click on the mop and your assistant will quickly remove everything. Also, you will go to the store stars. They are always in a hurry somewhere, so do not make them wait. Your store has recently opened and you have not earned a cashier, so you have to count customers.

Features hacking Supermarket Mania Journey mod apk

The main feature of the game Supermarket Mania Journey mod is energy. No matter how many times you run here, you will always have strength. All day you have to be up and fill the counters, it will not be surprising when you are happy with the end of the shift. If you do not have something to do, then use the bonuses in Supermarket Mania Journey hack.


Supermarket Mania Journey mod is a game that teaches to pay attention to trivia. After all, if you do not notice them, then you can get problems. In the supermarket there will be a small window to which you will drive up, try not to miss it. As soon as you see him, immediately approach him and collect his order.

If you are looking for an evening out, then Supermarket Mania Journey hack is a great option. Each user will be able to allow the game, because it is completely free. So rather take your gadget and click on the install button.

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