Survive – Wilderness survival Mod (Free crafting, everything is open) + Apk for Android

Survive – Wilderness survival mod apk – is an exciting text role-playing game and a survival simulator where you, in fact, will survive in the wild, using only those tools that you can get in your epic journey through the uninhabited lands. There is no graphic content, so you will learn about all incidents from text prompts, as well as numbers that will appear on the screen.

Gameplay Survive – Wilderness survival mod apk

In Survive – Wilderness survival mod will be somewhat more difficult than in conventional survival simulators. The thing is that you can not directly influence all the actions of the character! So you just have to press the buttons and hope for a miracle. All characteristics are given values ​​that must be maintained in the maximum state, otherwise your hero will simply die.

In breaking Survive – Wilderness survival hack, you can build fortifications, go hunting and explore the surrounding land. All this you will spend with the help of a choice of actions, and then wait for the result. Just the complexity of the game lies in the fact that you can not directly influence the results of all actions!

Features hacking Survive – Wilderness survival mod apk

In Survive – Wilderness survival mod you can get free crafting and discover all the features of the game without any problems! It is enough for this to take advantage of the modification, which provides all these features for free, which are simply not in the original Survive – Wilderness survival hack.


Survive – Wilderness survival mod is a very interesting representative of its genre, which will especially appeal to those players that they want from a game of relaxation and tranquility. There is no endless action, but you have to think about each action to get the desired result.

Download Survive – Wilderness survival hack for free, just using the links on the site. Go through them and get on your mobile device, without limitation, either the original version of the game or its modification.

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