Sweven Mod + Data + Apk for Android

Sweven mod apk is an atmospheric two-dimensional platformer where you will travel in an incredible world full of dangers and amazing creatures. Here you can go a very long way, which is full of difficulties, but at the same time you will enjoy the unique nature of the local world, which will gradually change as you pass. So welcome to the fantastic universe, where the impossible becomes possible!

Gameplay Sweven mod apk

Sweven mod offers you to go through many obstacles in dozens of levels. You will begin your journey from simple levels and will gradually move to more and more dangerous locations, where you will be confronted by various manifestations of the local world. So if you are thoroughly prepared for such a difficult and dangerous journey, you can safely overcome all difficulties and reach the very end without any problems!

Sweven hack has a rather beautiful two-dimensional graphics, which, although not offering you a variety in colors, creates its own amazing atmosphere of that fantastic world where you will travel. In addition, music helps to feel the nature of the local world!

Features hacking Sweven mod apk

To enjoy Sweven mod, you don’t need any modifications. Moreover, you can already get a full-fledged game and enjoy its game process anytime and anywhere. Explore the colorful world of Sweven hack without limits, just like in the original version!


Sweven mod is an unforgettable game that will give you a very colorful world where you can travel to unusual locations. Plunge into the world of the game and go through all the difficulties in order to successfully reach the final and at the same time survive.

Download Sweven hack can be absolutely free. To do this, you just need to follow the links and download the full version of the game to your mobile device. Then simply install and play, passing all levels without any restrictions. Enjoy the world of the game!

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