Tahu Bulat Mod + Apk for Android

Tahu Bulat mod apk is a very simple clicker in which you will act as a street vendor of various oriental dishes that are very much in demand in the place where you settled. Start earning virtual currencies by starting with a small business, which can then be expanded and developed. Remember – there are no limits here, so just enjoy the way the main character serves clients and earns a fortune for you!

Gameplay Tahu Bulat mod apk

In Tahu Bulat mod is a fairly simple gameplay, but with a deep economic component. Here your task will be to earn money through the sales of various oriental fast foods. You will start with a small kiosk and end up with a whole business empire that will bring you huge profits every second! But all this is just ahead, so start your way to the top from the bottom.

In the case of Tahu Bulat hack, a wide variety of tools will be available to you so that you can improve all aspects of your business in as much detail as possible, starting with a set of affordable food and ending with various advertising campaigns that will provide you with a short-term influx of customers!

Features hacking Tahu Bulat mod apk

Alas, but to reach the heights of a career in Tahu Bulat mod, you need to do everything on your own. There were no places for any modifications, so you will have to solve all the problems yourself as they arrive in Tahu Bulat hack. But it will be much more fun and interesting to play!


Tahu Bulat mod is an unusual clicker that is literally saturated with the atmosphere of the eastern world. There is a very non-standard kitchen, but it is quite an ordinary gameplay, which does not present any difficulties even for those players who have just discovered the clicker genre.

Download Tahu Bulat hack you can always free and without restriction, using the free links. Follow them to download your copy of a full-fledged game, install it and play it anywhere, anytime!

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