Talking Angela Color Splash Mod + Apk for Android

Talking Angela Color Splash mod apk – is a fun puzzle game that presents you with another version of the puzzle “three in a row”, where you will not move the elements this time, but simply replace them with one another to make a combination! Earn points and help the main character draw various drawings! Plunge into the world of colors and try to solve as many puzzles as possible!

Gameplay Talking Angela Color Splash mod apk

In Talking Angela Color Splash mod is very simple. Each level in the game is a “three in a row” puzzle, where the main task is to reach a certain number of points, after which the level will be considered as completed. Moreover, if you spend the minimum on available moves, you can also get bonus points for speed and the best combinations! So try to be careful to set a new record in the future.

The Talking Angela Color Splash hack feature is that you just need to replace the elements on the playing field and not move them. At the bottom of the screen is given a specific element and you must decide where to put it. The combination here is considered to be three or more elements in the same row, as well as all neighboring elements of exactly the same type. Try to find better combinations to increase your chances of winning.

Features hacking Talking Angela Color Splash mod apk

To get even more pleasure from playing Talking Angela Color Splash mod, you can use for this modification, which provides you with cool bonuses that make it easy and simple to go through all the tests. So if you want more fun and less logical tasks, then use the modified Talking Angela Color Splash hack.


Talking Angela Color Splash mod is a colorful and colorful representative of the genre, which offers you numerous puzzles where you can show your attentiveness and ingenuity. And if you earn a lot of points, you can even become the best player in the whole world!

Download Talking Angela Color Splash hack you can always absolutely free and without restrictions. Simply download the installation files to your mobile device, install the game and play for fun!

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