Tallowmere Mod (Health, Keys, Coins, Skulls) + Apk for Android

Tallowmere mod apk is a grim pixel classic platformer in the medieval style, which offers you to go through dozens of rooms filled with deadly traps and enemies that can use magic to stop you. Arm yourself with a faithful sword and go destroy all those evil spirits that are located in dark dungeons, from time to time returning to the base for rest and new equipment!

Gameplay Tallowmere mod apk

In Tallowmere mod gameplay is a hardcore platformer where you will try to avoid traps and destroy enemies on your way in order to obtain the necessary key from them to open a new room. Your path will go through many different rooms, where there are many obstacles. To successfully complete all levels, it is not enough to destroy enemies, you also need to demonstrate a first-class parkour to cope with all difficulties.

In the Tallowmere hack, the enemies will get experience and money, which can be spent on various improvements that you can get when you return to the base. It is necessary to constantly develop your hero, because the enemies will become stronger with each passed room, as well as traps!

Features hacking Tallowmere mod apk

In Tallowmere mod with the help of modifications you can always get a huge amount of coins, experience points and health, thanks to which you can pass the levels easily and without restrictions. So if you don’t need hardcore, but you just want to enjoy the victories, then try the modified Tallowmere hack for this!


Tallowmere mod is a whole world of magic and secrets that allows you to plunge into the dark atmosphere and enjoy the battles with numerous opponents on your way. Go through all the rooms and collect as many awards as you never dreamed of!

Download Tallowmere hack you can always, without any problems, using the free links. Only the full version of the game is stored here, which is enough to download to your mobile device and install!

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