Tank Stars Mod (Money) + Apk for Android

Tank Stars mod apk is a game from the creators of such a hit as Bowmasters. In fact, the game is a clone of the above-mentioned hit, but now you have to take control of the whole tank! Accordingly, you will be available to the most diverse and explosive weapons, with which you will destroy all the enemies that will meet on your way. And remember – it’s very fun!

Gameplay Tank Stars mod apk

As already mentioned, Tank Stars mod is a complete copy of the Bowmasters game, except that now you control the tank and can even move through the levels. In the rest, as before, it is necessary to correctly choose the angle and trajectory of the projectile’s flight in order to hit them on the enemy and inflict that damage.

The game has a lot of different bonuses, weapons and other improvements that Tank Stars hack will get you in unlimited quantities thanks to the endless game currency! And this is not the only application of money in this game. You can fight not only against computer fighters, but also with other players in fascinating modes. Try them all and find your favorite!

Graphics and sound Tank Stars mod apk

Tank Stars mod has simple cartoon graphics and high-quality sound. In principle, this style is very similar to the style of Bowmasters, which further adds similarities between these games.

Technically, Tank Stars hack is a very high-quality game that works with almost no errors. And the graphics in it do not cut eyes at all, and even vice versa – soothes.

The result

Tank Stars hack is an excellent game, which although it is a clone, but still has its own peculiarities and differences. Although, what’s the difference, clone or not, the main thing – it really gives pleasure and entertains! Everyone can play the Tank Stars mod – both children and adults.

So safely download the game to your mobile device and make yourself comfortable – you are waiting for epic tank battles. And with infinite money, it will be even easier to play, more dynamic and more interesting!

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