Taps to Riches Mod (VIP, infinite money) + Apk for Android

Taps to Riches mod apk is another funny clicker in which you have to become a real monopolist and establish a huge corporation, which includes the most diverse types of business. Start from the bottom to slowly but surely move upwards, buying more and more enterprises and constantly improving them. Everything is necessary in order to increase your capital and become the richest player in this virtual world, ranking first in the ranking!

Gameplay Taps to Riches mod apk

In Taps to Riches mod is a very simple gameplay. All that is required of you is to click on the screen. You will start with the very initial business that will not bring so much income. To speed up the extraction of money, you need to click on the building, otherwise you will have to wait some time. Thus, you will not only acquire a new business, but also improve the old one in order to increase its profitability.

In Taps to Riches hack just a huge number of buildings that you can buy. Save money, buy all the buildings, upgrade them to the maximum to get billions every second that you spend in this game. Virtual billions, naturally!

Features hacking Taps to Riches mod apk

You do not want to wait until the necessary amount of money accumulates for the purchase of the next house? Then use the modification for Taps to Riches mod. It will not only provide you with an unlimited amount of game currency, but also give you free VIP status, thanks to which you will discover new opportunities in Taps to Riches hack.


Taps to Riches mod is a very simple clicker, which nevertheless is quite interesting and fun to play. You just have to start small, but gradually you will be able to increase your rating among other players, becoming richer and acquiring new and new business.

In the case of Taps to Riches hack, playing is simple, but it is even easier to download the game to your mobile device. After all, this site contains only the full version of the game, in which you will play with pleasure all your free time. Just install and play!

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