Tasty Planet Mod + Apk for Android

Tasty Planet mod apk – a game where you will manage slime. It sounds disgusting, but really fascinating. Scientists have derived this substance so that it fights germs. It could be placed in a bath and the mucus would clean it perfectly. However, they invented, introduced an error that could not be corrected. Your hero will eat everything he meets on his way.

Gameplay Tasty Planet mod apk

In the game Tasty Planet mod you will become an unusual character, which everyone will be afraid of. You get the role of mucus, but it will be radically different from the one you used to see in the real world. Here your character will have the appearance of a furry animal, which does not hurt you with anything. As intended, he must destroy the microbes, but performs his task more than necessary.

In the Tasty Planet hack, your hero will not be picky about food and eat everything that gets in his way. He can eat the object no more than he himself, for the reason that he simply does not fit. With each bite, the mucus will become more and more, which is exactly what you need. At each level you will have a certain number of items that you will need to destroy.

Features hacking Tasty Planet mod apk

Tasty Planet mod has no features, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. You will move across a large field and will eat not only objects, but also living beings. For your movement in the Tasty Planet hack you will receive a reward, or rather for each snack. On it you can change the color of your monster and increase your position in the rating table.


Tasty Planet mod – a simple and colorful game that will help you get rid of free time. Clear graphics and music will immerse you completely into the game that you can forget about the real world. Be sure to invite your friends here and have fun with them. You can also compete with them and enjoy the results in the rating table.

With the installation of the game Tasty Planet hack to cope each, because it is very simple. Take a mobile device or any other modern gadget and click on the install button. After a couple of minutes you can enjoy the gameplay.

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