TETRIS® Mod + Apk for Android

TETRIS® mod apk is a reincarnation of the legendary game that allows you to touch the classics without acquiring a separate device. The goal of the game remains the same – a set of points to go to the next level. Collect from different-colored figures of a line and destroy them to earn these points. Try to overcome all levels and earn maximum results to become the best Tetris player!

Gameplay TETRIS® mod apk

Actually, TETRIS® mod is a classic puzzle game, where from the falling blocks of various shapes, you need to create whole horizontal lines that will be destroyed and brings you points. In addition, the release of the line is necessary in order for you to have the opportunity to add more blocks. After all, when reaching the top of one of the blocks, the game ends.

Each of the levels in the break TETRIS® hack offers its own tests. But basically, from the increase in the level, the rate of falling of the blocks will increase, as well as the number of points needed to go to the next level. In addition, you can fight with other players by setting a new record in the game and taking a higher position in the world ranking.

Features hacking TETRIS® mod apk

TETRIS® mod is a very simple puzzle game for which it is simply difficult to come up with at least some modification. Therefore, you just have to play and enjoy the original version of TETRIS® hack with all the standard levels and updates without any third-party additions or improvements.


TETRIS® mod is a world game that completely copies the original version of the 80s, with the exception of some minor innovations. Try to complete all levels to take a high position in the world ranking!

The most important thing is the ability to download the full version of TETRIS® hack on your mobile device absolutely free. Just follow the links on the site to start downloading the classic game, which you need to then throw on a smartphone or tablet, install, and start playing! Enjoy the classics that will take you to your childhood!

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