The BFG Game Mod (Money, Life) + Apk for Android

The BFG Game mod apk is a fun three-dimensional puzzle game based on a glorious movie where you will help a large but very friendly giant overcome all the difficulties associated with folding “three in a row” puzzles. Get ready for a long journey through the fairy-tale world, because there are as many puzzles here as you will have enough for one evening spent in the company of familiar characters. Well, ready to set a new record?

Gameplay The BFG Game mod apk

There is nothing like that in The BFG Game mod that could scare you away with its complexity. Here you are waiting for simple puzzles “three in a row”, which you probably already saw earlier. Your task at each level is to score a certain number of points, which are needed to advance to the next stage. To do this, move the adjacent elements so that they can create combinations of three or more identical elements, which, when destroyed, give points and free space for the following figures.

However, there is a break in The BFG Game hack and difficulty. For example, for each level you will be given a certain number of moves for which you need to achieve the goals of the stage. Also, with each level will increase the minimum number of points for successful passing!

Features hacking The BFG Game mod apk

To remove all restrictions in The BFG Game mod, you can always take advantage of the modifications! It not only provides a huge amount of game money to get bonuses endlessly, but also adds many lives that allow you to play The BFG Game hack as much as you want!


The BFG Game mod is a good game about a funny character who needs to be helped to complete various puzzles. Here, both children and adults will find entertainment to their liking. Well, if you try to get the maximum points in the game, you can even get closer to the championship in the ranking list!

In any case, you can always download The BFG Game hack on your mobile device. To do this, follow the links, download the full original game or modification, install and enjoy!

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