The Escapists Mod (Money) + Apk for Android

Want to go to prison and try to escape from her in the first days of imprisonment? Do not worry, you do not have to break the law in real life, because for this there is a wonderful arcade game The Escapists mod apk! In it, in fact, you will have only one goal – to escape from prison. But how you escape is a completely different question. You will have dozens of options for escape, you just have to be careful and you will definitely find your way!

Gameplay The Escapists mod apk

The Escapists mod is a very interesting arcade game in which you need to find a way to escape from prison. The game has several levels, each of which is a separate prison with its own rules and regulations. To learn how to play, go through the training first, and then the very first prison, where you can understand all the features of this game.

In the The Escapists hack you will be available a huge number of ways to escape. Starting with a banal undermining and ending with games of dressing up and fake keys – here you can definitely enjoy each of the ways, because they are all unique and require a special approach. So do not immediately grasp all the possibilities, select a single plan and follow it!

Features hacking The Escapists mod apk

In The Escapists mod you can trade with other prisoners, but for this you need money. You can earn them work, performing tasks, or simply downloading a modification for the game and receiving in return a huge amount of money at each level! Playing The Escapists hack will be much easier with money than without them!


The Escapists mod is a first-class game that puts difficult tests that you must perform to save your character from the harshest prisons in the world! Create your escape plan and find a way to break free!

Download full The Escapists hack is always possible absolutely free and without restrictions, if you use the links on this site. Go through them and start downloading your copy of the game not only in the original, but also with a cool modification for money!

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