The Forgotten Room Mod + Data + Apk for Android

Take on the role of the researcher of the paranormal phenomena in The Forgotten Room mod apk, where the events unfold in a cursed mansion full of secrets, mysteries and hidden horror. Start to explore the room by room in search of all the unusual, along the way looking for various items and solving puzzles to find the missing girl and escape from this gloomy and dangerous place. Do you have enough nerves? We will see!

Gameplay The Forgotten Room mod apk

In fact, The Forgotten Room mod is a puzzle game, because you need to look for different items and solve puzzles on your way. Actually, the whole gameplay is to travel around the house in search of hints that will help find the missing girls and reveal the secret of the origin of this mansion. Naturally, it will not all be so easy, but it’s enough to be very attentive, and you will succeed!

The break in The Forgotten Room hack also implemented an auto-saving system, so do not worry about the safety of your progress after the game. In addition, to maintain progress is necessary in order that in case of what it could be returned and try to re-pass any segment of the game.

Features The Forgotten Room mod apk

The Forgotten Room mod among other puzzle games is highlighted by a depressing atmosphere, as well as unique and diverse puzzles that need to be resolved throughout the game. It is worth mentioning the excellent soundtrack of the game, but here about the graphics in breaking the Forgotten Room hack to say there is nothing special. It is simple, but three-dimensional.

The result

Fans of complex puzzles and puzzles will just be thrilled with The Forgotten Room mod. This game is very interesting and original, especially considering the unique atmosphere of horror that reigns in it.

The Forgotten Room hack can be downloaded completely free of charge from the links. This fascinating horror puzzle is available to you without any restrictions, because you get a full, and most importantly – the current version of the original game! Enjoy the riddles and puzzles!

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