The Secret of Chimera Labs Mod + Apk for Android

The Secret of Chimera Labs mod apk is a game that will move you to a building where distracted scientists have previously worked. Now you can explore this territory and uncover all the secrets. But to do this you have to be very attentive and think well. Each room will have its own secret, which you must learn. Perform various tasks to get closer to the solution.

Gameplay The Secret of Chimera Labs mod apk

In The Secret of Chimera Labs mod, you will explore an abandoned building where famous scientists once conducted experiments. They did not limit themselves to anything and prohibited things were carried out here. As soon as you start the game, you will be given training. Here you yourself will decide to skip it or to watch and find out some of the information.

After that, breaking into The Secret of Chimera Labs hack takes you to the first room, where you will begin your investigations. For a certain period of time, you need to find all the items that will be listed. Your every action will lead you to further developments, so do everything conscientiously. In case of failure, just pass the level again.

Features hacking The Secret of Chimera Labs mod apk

The game The Secret of Chimera Labs mod has no features, but it does not make it any less interesting. Here you can see a lot of new things and study it in detail. You have to explore a lot of rooms and corridors, because many talented people worked here. For each completed task in The Secret of Chimera Labs hack you will receive an award that you can spend here.


The Secret of Chimera Labs mod is quite an interesting game that can brighten up your evening. You can easily play this wonderful game after the work day and completely relax. Also in this game you can play with your friends, it remains only to invite them. By completing tasks you will receive points that will make you a newbie professional.

With the installation of the game The Secret of Chimera Labs hack to cope everyone, there is nothing complicated. Take a mobile device or any other modern gadget and click on the install button. Have a nice game!

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