The Sun Lite Beta Mod (Currency, Weight) + Data + Apk for Android

The Sun Lite Beta mod apk – a game where you will clean the city from the dead. These vile creatures destroy all life that meets them on the way. You need to be very careful, otherwise you can join their squad. Not long ago, your character saw a prosperous city in front of his own eyes, which is now turning into a wasteland.

Gameplay The Sun Lite Beta mod apk

In the game The Sun Lite Beta mod you get the role of a sniper who will try to regain the house. It is clear that no one wants to live in a city where at every step he will be in danger. There are very few volunteers like you, so consider fighting you go alone. As soon as you start the game, you are immediately struck by the graphics and music. They will help you to feel the whole atmosphere.

Until the attack begins, in the The Sun Lite Beta hack do not waste time and go on to the choice of weapons. Zombies cannot be defeated with bare hands, especially since they will attack in huge numbers. Here the dead move very quickly, so you need to react to them as well. As soon as the enemy appears on the horizon, open fire, and do not wait for his approach.

Features hacking The Sun Lite Beta mod apk

The game The Sun Lite Beta mod has a couple of features that will accompany you all the time. First of all, you will have a big load, which you will feel after a couple of minutes of the game. You need to be constantly on the alert, because the enemy can attack at the most unexpected moment. Also in the The Sun Lite Beta hack you need to complete tasks for which you will be rewarded.


The Sun Lite Beta mod – a seemingly bleak game that does not attract you with its cover. If you enjoy killing and dead cities, then this game is for you. Here you can retire and feel the only survivor on the planet, though not for long. Do not have time to enjoy the moment, as the opponents have already calculated your coordinates.

To go to battle with zombies, you need to install the game The Sun Lite Beta hack. To do this, take the mobile device that you use every day and click on the install button. Have a nice game!

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