The Vikings Mod (Infinite Coins) + Apk for Android

The Vikings mod apk – Viking battle in which you can take part. The game already promises to be exciting, because here you will fight for life. In your edges hard times have come and they need to confront. Other tribes have embarked on your lands and they intend to recapture them. Opponents did not consider a small detail, the Vikings just do not give up! Despite the fact that all the inhabitants of your kingdom were killed, you must fight to the last.

Gameplay The Vikings mod apk

In the game The Vikings mod you the only one who survived, the rest were not so lucky. The enemies have killed all your relatives and friends, now their task is to kill you and take away the land. Your hero is incredibly difficult and he needs help. Help him save his house and destroy all enemies. Your only weapon will be an ax. But do not rush to despair because of them, you will have a large variety.

The Vikings hack will not have to think about the appearance of a hacking player, because everything here is decorated in a minimalist style. Such a design will not distract you from the gameplay and you will be able to fully enjoy it. Be prepared to be attacked from all sides, so look around. As soon as you see your opponent, immediately throw an ax at him, otherwise he will split your skull first.

Features hacking The Vikings mod apk

In The Vikings mod feature is money. You will receive them for each killed enemy. You can spend game currency to buy weapons, because you need it first. Also in the The Vikings hack do not forget about protection. Archers and magicians will attack you. To protect yourself from their blows, use a shield.


The Vikings mod is a simple, but also exciting game. Here you can check your accuracy and attentiveness. You will always have to be in battle, because the opponents are not asleep. To play it even more interesting, invite your friends. In the ranking table you can see which of you will play better.

Allow The Vikings hack will be able to imagine everyone, because the game is completely free. All you need is a mobile device and a network connection. Now you can click on the install button and wait for it to complete. The game has begun, good luck!

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