Tinker Island Mod (Endless Gems) + Apk for Android

Lead a group of shipwrecked people and begin to survive on an island full of wonders! In Tinker Island mod apk you will be told an amazing story of those who could survive the horror of the disaster and settle on an unknown island in the middle of the ocean. You will have a fascinating journey to the companies of these survivors who need to help not only to find a way to escape from the island, but also to survive on it!

Gameplay Tinker Island mod apk

Tinker Island mod, in fact, is a strategy with elements of the clicker, where you just need to assign survivors to perform various tasks and monitor their progress. Before going deep into the island, it would be nice to equip a secure camp where your wards will live and be able to find shelter and protection. Well, then start your journey through the unknown island!

Exploring this mysterious place in the breaking of Tinker Island hack, you will now and again come across various puzzles or bits of that story that will quite be able to shock you, telling the unusual story of this mysterious island. And, of course, do not forget to use the item creation system to always have a weapon in case of attacks of natives or animals!

Features of hacking Tinker Island mod apk

Tinker Island mod has such a special currency as precious stones. These jewelry are used to purchase the same special items that will help you survive even in difficult times. The modification provides you with just an infinite amount of this currency, which will make Tinker Island hack quite easy!

The result

Tinker Island mod is the perfect survival game on an inhabited island that will please you with an excellent and amazing history, the island’s mesmerizing atmosphere and an exciting gameplay that is simple and very deep at the same time!

To enjoy the breaking of Tinker Island hack, nothing prevents you. After downloading the original game with a modification to the endless precious stones you can absolutely free and without any restrictions!

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