Tiny Hamsters Mod + Apk for Android

Do you like hamsters? Tiny Hamsters mod apk is a fun clicker where you can get a whole huge army of these funny rodents who have a practical goal in the game universe, namely the creation of electricity! Welcome to the world where cloning exists so that you can quickly create animals for yourself and use them for good purposes, generating as much electricity as possible and earning money from it!

Gameplay Tiny Hamsters mod apk

In Tiny Hamsters mod is a fairly basic gameplay, which is unlikely to cause you any difficulties. The game is a clicker and a strategy where you will build various buildings and acquire hamsters that will appear from the cloning machine. The more hamsters and buildings you have, the more money you will make in a short period of time.

In addition to acquiring hamsters in Tiny Hamsters hack, you also need to build jobs for them. Moreover, you can upgrade all the buildings in the game to increase their capacity and energy production. Thus, you will create your own income, which is also a rating. The best players have the most income, so try to beat their records to become the best.

Features hacking Tiny Hamsters mod apk

For you, there is an excellent modification of Tiny Hamsters mod, which allows you to get quite strong bonuses at your disposal. With its help, you can increase income at times, which will allow you to develop faster in the game and become the best player in the world Tiny Hamsters hack.


Tiny Hamsters mod is an interesting game that will delight all fans of fluffy animals. Here you can also use their restlessness for good purposes in order to produce as much electricity as is required for the existence of the game world.

Download Tiny Hamsters hack, you can absolutely free and without restrictions, if you simply click on the links and download to your mobile device the latest version with a modification.

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