Tower Conquest Mod (Money) + Apk for Android

Transfer to the world of fantasy and become the defender of your people, fighting against the forces of evil in the new arcade game Tower Conquest mod apk! This is a bright representative of the wall-to-wall genre, which offers you to plunge into a unique fictional world, inhabited by various amazing creatures. But this idyll will soon come to an end, because the hordes of the dead want to seize these lands, and now you are the last hope for salvation!

Gameplay Tower Conquest mod apk

Tower Conquest mod does not offer you anything radically new in the genre. Your task, as before, is to destroy the enemy’s tower, breaking his resistance. To do this, simply expose your fighters by clicking on their icons at the bottom of the screen. For each soldier a certain amount of resources is spent, and the better it is, the greater its cost.

Between the battles, in the breaking of the Tower Conquest hack, you can in every way improve your troops and make them better. For this, a whole tree of development will be available, having mastered that, you will be able to build simply invincible soldiers that will quickly destroy all resistance on their way to the goal.

Features hacking Tower Conquest mod apk

To purchase upgrades and fighters in Tower Conquest mod money is needed. And the stronger the warrior or improvement, the more expensive they will cost you. But it does not matter if you have a modification that provides a huge amount of money from the very beginning of the game. This will make Tower Conquest hack a lot easier than the original!

The result

Tower Conquest mod is an interesting game that offers you an unusual setting and huge opportunities for upgrading the troops. As for the rest, this is an unremarkable representative of its genre.

However, get acquainted with the breaking of the Tower Conquest hack all still worth it. Especially when the game can be quite easy to download from the links. And the most important is the ability to download both the original version and the modification for free. Use the opportunity to discover a cool game with a fabulous atmosphere and cool battles!

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