Tower of Hero Mod (A lot of money) + Apk for Android

Tower of Hero mod apk – construction work, which will be under your leadership. Here you will have to raise the highest tower so that the locals can enjoy the view of the city from it. But not everyone approves of your idea and will try to stop you. Your enemies will be monsters who are not happy that the view will open up to the whole valley. From this tower, people will be able to see the habitats of monsters and destroy pests.

Gameplay Tower of Hero mod apk

Your task in the game Tower of Hero mod – is not only to build, but also to defend your tower. As soon as you lay the ground floor, the monsters will launch their attack. The first thing you need to hire workers and as much as possible. After all, they will be able not only to engage in construction, but also to defend the structure. While some people will fight with monsters, the second will be able to do the construction process.

But the monsters in the Tower of Hero hack are not so stupid and understand that the tower continues to rise. They will climb each floor and attack your workers. Therefore, do not forget to buy weapons that will help to quickly deal with enemies. With each stage you will become more difficult, because the battle can go on several floors at once.

Features hacking Tower of Hero mod apk

The game of Tower of Hero mod has its own peculiarity – this is money. For each successfully completed level, you will receive a reward. You can spend it not only on construction, but also on your heroes. With each level in the Tower of Hero hack monsters will become stronger and you should not fall behind them. Therefore, constantly improve your workers to increase your chances of winning.


Tower of Hero mod is an anime style game that will help you take your free time. Here you are completely immersed in the gameplay and forget about the real problems. On the playground, you need to be very careful not to get defeated. Monsters will attack from all sides, so do not yawn. As soon as you see them, then immediately open fire.

Download the game Tower of Hero hack is very simple, you need to connect to the network. Take any modern gadget that is convenient for you and click on the install button. It remains to wait just a couple of minutes and you can start the game. Build the highest tower not only in the valley, but in the whole world!

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