Toy Blast Mod (Lives, Boosters) + Apk for Android

Toy Blast mod apk – this is not just a puzzle game, but a whole toy world where there was a place for exciting, fun, but confusing puzzles, which you collect to collect. Go through all the levels and earn enough points to get the title of the best player! And it’s not so easy to pass them, because there are a lot of them. All levels in the game are of different complexity, so be prepared for the difficulties on the way to victory. But if you have non-standard thinking, then it’s easy to pass the game!

Gameplay Toy Blast mod apk

Toy Blast mod does not shine with any unique gameplay. Before you, another variation on the theme of “three in a row”, which pleases special style and new puzzles. The essence of the game, as in any other puzzle, is the passage of multiple levels, each of which you set certain tasks for victory. Passing the levels, you will earn yourself rating points that determine your position among other players.

And in Toy Blast hack there are various bonuses with which you can make it easier for yourself to pass this or that puzzle. But the most important thing is that there is a modification here that allows you to get an inexhaustible source of bonuses, coins and game lives, which greatly facilitates the passage of the whole game!

Features of Toy Blast mod apk

Toy Blast mod will please you with a special “toy” atmosphere and high-quality two-dimensional graphics. All the elements in this game are drawn wonderful, so there is no complaint to the technical part. However, Toy Blast hack does not have any distinctive features among the other games of the genre, so it is somewhat lost in the overall flow of puzzle games “three in a row”.

The result

Nevertheless, Toy Blast mod is a great puzzle game, which is very fun and interesting to play. There is everything you need not only to brighten up your holiday and entertain you, but also to help develop non-standard logical thinking and attention to detail.

Download this wonderful game you can follow the links for free. Moreover, Toy Blast hack adds endless lives and game currency to the game, which allows you to enjoy a full-fledged gameplay without limits!

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