TripTrap Mod (Plenty of Money) + Apk for Android

TripTrap mod apk is a game where you get the role of a little mouse. Your character’s fridge is empty, and so that he does not die of hunger, it must be filled. To do this, you need to go to the big world and get to the main warehouse. Simply put, you need to escort the mouse to the kitchen and collect pieces of cheese there, because it is the mouse that loves them. Be careful, because on your way there will be many obstacles.

Gameplay TripTrap mod apk

TripTrap mod is a game worth paying attention to. Here you will take care of a little mouse that eats a lot. He will need to go into the kitchen and climb into someone else’s refrigerator, so as not to die of starvation. A little friend will have to run around the shelves and collect his lunch, but it will not be so easy to do. The little mouse will interfere with various obstacles, as well as a domestic cat.

You will be sent to TripTrap hack tasks to the music that will help you to feel the atmosphere of the game more. Look carefully at your feet and think about every step you take, otherwise you risk falling into the trap. The higher your level, the harder you have to. To get to the coveted delicacies, you have to work a little.

Features hacking TripTrap mod apk

A special feature of the game TripTrap mod is not only cheese, but also money. After all, it is thanks to them that you will be able to improve your hero, so that it will be easier for him in battle. But before you spend them, you need to earn them. To do this, you just need to pass the levels and collect a certain amount of cheese in the TripTrap hack. The main advantage is that you can run both on the floor and on the ceiling.


TripTrap mod is a game where you will spend more than one hour. If you are looking for something to take a child or how to have fun yourself, then this is a great option. Here you do not just control the character, but as if you become it yourself. You will mentally calculate the time to pass the trap or wait for the cat to turn away to run through it.

Download game TripTrap hack can everyone, because it is easy to install and absolutely free. You just need to connect to the network and take a convenient gadget for you. It remains only to click on the installation button and you can enjoy the gameplay.

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