Two Dots Mod (Moves, Lives) + Apk for Android

Two Dots mod apk – an exciting puzzle game that does not bother you after dozens of levels. A simple and interesting gameplay will always attract you. This game is different from banal puzzles. Developers approached the matter with the mind and love, created for themselves. The game has only two characters that will help you all the time. The best part is that you will play in different locations, and not in one place!

Gameplay Two Dots mod apk

Two Dots mod poses you the task – to collect a certain number of elements. The game field is presented in the form of a canvas on which colored chips are scattered. You need to connect several objects in one straight line in order for them to disappear. At the top of the screen you will see the amount you need. Also given a certain number of moves for which you must cope.

The game attracts with its simplicity. In the case of Two Dots hack, you can simply move the elements and enjoy the process. You only need to think over the moves and try to connect as many elements as possible at a time. After passing the level, you will see the stars. The less you spend moves, the more stars and points you get.

Features hacking Two Dots mod apk

The game Two Dots mod has its own feature – this is the lack of a scale of energy. You can play it as much as you like. The game is designed for one player, but it does not prohibit inviting your friends. Playing with friends, you can compete with your rating. If you are looking for entertainment in the evening, then Two Dots hack is perfect.

The result

Two Dots mod is universal, everyone can play it at any time. This game has convenient control, it is enough to point the direction with your finger and the elements start to disappear. If you like to play to the music, then you can go to the settings and choose the music.

This game is completely free. All you need to install Two Dots hack is a modern gadget and your fingers. Click on one button and enjoy the game. Be careful, time is lost very quickly.

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