Viking Village Mod (Free Shopping) + Apk for Android

Viking Village mod apk is a game where you can become a real Viking. This time machine will be located on your phone and you can be transported to the past at any time. Here you are waiting for exciting adventures that you remember for a long time. You are the main character of the game and therefore your main task is to establish a village. Use the tools to extract resources and expand your territory.

Gameplay Viking Village mod apk

In the game Viking Village mod the main goal will be – building a ship. After all, he will allow your heroes to fully travel. Unfortunately, a ship cannot be built in one day, it requires patience and time. Initially, build your village, where your subordinates will actually live. Also do not forget to protect your territory. To do this, hire barbarians, just go to the store.

In addition, how to protect your village in the game Viking Village hack, you will need to attack and other people’s possessions. In this way, you will earn game currency. For the award you can buy materials to build a ship and raise your level. Also, do not forget to pump your subordinates from time to time and strengthen the defense, otherwise you will be defeated.

Features hacking Viking Village mod apk

Like other games in Viking Village mod has its own characteristics. The main feature of the game is free shopping. At any time you can buy materials for construction and take the ship. In addition to breaking into the Viking Village hack, you need to deal with the crop. You need to feed your army, otherwise they will not have the strength to win.


Viking Village mod – an exciting game that will allow you to visit the past. This is where you can become a Viking and forget about your problems. Perform simple tasks and get a valuable reward that you can use during the game. Be careful, because here time flies by.

To have fun, just download the Viking Village hack game and make it very easy. It is enough to pick up a modern gadget and click on the install button. It remains to wait a couple of minutes and you can dive into the game.

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