Virtual City Playground® Mod + Data + Apk for Android

Virtual City Playground® mod apk – a city of dreams that you can build yourself. You have to start building from scratch and you have to think through everything yourself. You will be the most important here and you will need to resolve any issues. So that you know what tasks you will build for, you will not get lost in the construction site with the help of them. For each completed task you will receive an award that will help develop your city.

Gameplay Virtual City Playground® mod apk

In the game Virtual City Playground® mod, start building your city from a small building. You will have the initial capital, which will help you earn more money to create a city. To start making your dream a reality, go to the store, here you will see the building that needs to be built first. Select the appropriate place where you want to place the structure and click on it.

The construction will immediately begin in the Virtual City Playground® hack. Above the building will be the time that is necessary to complete the construction. You can wait or speed up the process for an additional fee. Also, you have to build roads and their location, you will choose for yourself. All the necessary materials for the construction of the city you will find in the store.

Features hacking Virtual City Playground® mod apk

Virtual City Playground® mod has no features, but it doesn’t make it worse. You will have to not only create, but also take up the life of this city. It will be necessary to monitor its purity and that everything works. As soon as you see problems with Virtual City Playground® hack, immediately click on the building and call the workers. Also, take a rest area in your city, so that in the evening people will have a place to go for a walk.


Virtual City Playground® mod is a game that combines several professions at once. Here you will work for five and receive a good reward. If you are ready to invest all your strength in the city of dreams, then this game is for you. In the game, all actions take place very quickly, you will not have time to build a house, tenants will already enter it.

To start building a city, you need to install the Virtual City Playground® hack. Even a child will cope with this task, it will be necessary to press only one button. The game is almost established, so get ready to build skyscrapers.

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