War Groups Mod (Infinite money, everything is open) + Apk for Android

War Groups mod apk is a cool strategy game based on the legendary series of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game, where you will have another return to the Chernobyl zone in order to take under your personal control the whole grouping and with its help capture the entire perimeter. There is no search for artifacts and adventures, but there is an opportunity to give orders to detachments and capture points in order to achieve complete superiority over all opponents!

Gameplay War Groups mod apk

In War Groups mod, there are all groups of the original game, as well as various mutants and dangers, just like in the original! In the game, your main task will be to take control of a certain group and help it to capture the entire Zone. You will start with a small base and you will need to gradually grab point by point in order to move to the center of the Zone!

In the War Groups hack you will be available to a variety of characters, including the legendary stalkers who allow their bonuses to significantly enhance their own teams. Also do not forget to explore various possibilities in order to gain a weighty advantage over the enemy and crush all his forces in two accounts!

Features hacking War Groups mod apk

With a simple, but strong modification for War Groups mod, you can get not just an unlimited amount of money, but also open all the characters and opportunities. This means that you can easily achieve any superiority in War Groups hack, having such cool bonuses without limits!


War Groups mod is an interesting addition to the legendary game, where you will be dealing with more global problems than the usual search for artifacts or the execution of quests. Feel like a leader of the group who is able to capture everything!

Download War Groups hack, you can completely free, using the links on the site. According to them, not only the full-fledged original is available, but also a cool modification that removes any restrictions and provides you with a more lively and interesting gameplay!

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