War Heroes Mod (Rapid deployment of troops) + Apk for Android

War Heroes mod apk is an exciting multiplayer strategy game that is very easy to learn and has a standard gameplay for your genre. The essence of the game is to attack the enemy base with all available forces. It should however be borne in mind that the enemy, especially if it is a real player, is able to respond the same, so do not forget about your own defense!

Gameplay War Heroes mod apk

War Heroes mod repeats the gameplay of most of these strategies. Namely, the fact that you have to deploy your troops from the pool, which you collect before the start of the battles. The goal of each battle is to destroy the enemy’s base, while protecting his own. You can not give direct orders to your troops, but you can influence the battle by providing reinforcements for your forces in time.

The main thing in War Heroes hack, of course, is the multiplayer mode, in which you expect complex battles with players from around the world. So pump your troops, open new units and improve the base to increase your chances against the best players in this game!

Features of hacking War Heroes mod apk

War Heroes mod has only one problem – the slow deployment of troops. It is for this that you will be available a special modification, which, although it does not add money or other bonuses, makes one small, but very pleasant thing – the rapid deployment of troops. So in War Heroes hack you can quickly expose all your troops and easily win against a slower opponent.

The result

War Heroes mod is a very simple strategy game, the essence of which is to collect a variety of types of troops and use them in a virtual battlefield. Thanks to the network mode, you can not only chat with other players, but also play with your friends!

Download free War Heroes hack in two versions: with modification and without. The modification introduces only one significant improvement – the rapid deployment of troops, and in the rest both versions are identical.

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