Westland Survival Mod (Misc) + Data + Apk for Android

Westland Survival mod apk – this is probably the most unusual survival simulator, which copies the mechanics of zombie games, but without the zombies themselves! The game will take you to the times of the Wild West, where you will become the master of your own farm and protect it from attacks by other players or Indians. Actually, this is one of the few multiplayer role-playing games, the action of which takes place in such a colorful place and in such an unusual era!

Gameplay Westland Survival mod apk

In Westland Survival mod you will find yourself in a completely new world together with other players. Your goal is to survive at any cost. To do this, gather various resources and use them to create weapons and build various structures. It is worth noting that sometimes other players or random troops will attack your ranch, so do not forget to build a reliable line of defense and call on your help to other players!

Westland Survival hack is a whole set of various cool things, which adds a special modification. You will not only receive a huge number of game points and coins, but also make your character stronger and more powerful. Most importantly, if it is difficult for you to resist powerful opponents.

Features of Westland Survival mod apk

Westland Survival mod breaking is an exciting adventure on the prairies and the front. Charge your favorite gun and go to conquer the unknown lands together with other players. Graphics and sound in Westland Survival hack are performed on a very professional level and will please you with excellent workings out, high quality and perfect combination with the atmosphere of the game as a whole.

The result

Westland Survival mod breaking – a curious game, impregnated with the spirit of the Wild West. Go on an exciting adventure on the prairies and write your story creating a prosperous community on the open spaces of the frontier.

Download this wonderful game with a very cool modification you can completely free. Westland Survival hack adds a lot of interesting things to the game that will make your survival easier and make your pastime more fun.

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