What a Goofhead Pro Mod + Apk for Android

What a Goofhead Pro mod apk is an unusual three-dimensional puzzle game in which you will control a certain creature. Here your task will be to collect spheres and solve puzzles that will help open the exit, and get access to the next level. Of course, each time the complexity of the puzzles will grow, so be prepared for any difficulties. And they will be here, and will be very difficult!

Gameplay What a Goofhead Pro mod apk

In What a Goofhead Pro mod the whole point of the game is that you will play as a cubic character that moves in such a way that it just flips from one side to the other. This character has a cylindrical hole on his body, because of which it is worth being careful when passing levels that cylindrical pillars go into the water. After all, getting into the water and completes the passage of the level!

Breaking in What a Goofhead Pro hack you will need to find a way out of any situation. The game will have many obstacles, but the goal is always the same – to collect spheres at the levels that will help open the way to the next level. But here’s how to pick them up and you will have to find out!

Features hacking What a Goofhead Pro mod apk

In What a Goofhead Pro mod is very simple, so you do not need any modifications or additions to the game. Just play and enjoy the gameplay without any restrictions, because even in the original What all Goofhead Pro hack will be available to you all the features, you just need to pass the levels!


What a Goofhead Pro mod is a really interesting game in which you have to try very hard to go through this or that stage. It is necessary not only to be attentive, but also to connect the fantasy. Then you must succeed!

Download What a Goofhead Pro hack is easy and simple. Follow the links, download the full version of the game, install on your mobile device and play without any restrictions. And most importantly – a full game is available to you for free!

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