Zombie Dead Set Mod (Free Shopping) + Apk for Android

Zombie Dead Set mod apk is a dynamic virtual zombie shooting gallery that offers you a trip to various locations where there are a lot of animated dead! Navigate the game world and destroy these bloodthirsty monsters, trying to clear the entire level before running out of ammo or health of the protagonist. So do not waste ammunition. Always shoot right on target!

Gameplay Zombie Dead Set mod apk

Zombie Dead Set mod is a three-dimensional first person shooter that offers you only one thing – tons of fun from battles with zombies. Go to different parts of the big city and clean the locations, destroying all the zombies that you will find. Since you will always have a very limited ammunition, you need to constantly monitor the presence of ammunition, so as not to be left alone without help among the crowd of zombies, they are eager to kill you.

Zombie Dead Set hackbetween levels, you can spend the money you earned on other weapons or various upgrades. It should be taken seriously, because with each level the number of zombies will grow, as well as their varieties will appear, which will be very difficult to kill just without actual weapons.

Features hacking Zombie Dead Set mod apk

In Zombie Dead Set mod, a modification is also waiting for you, which will simplify the gameplay for you by providing just an unlimited amount of game currency. After all, with it you will be able to get only the best weapons and equipment, which will greatly facilitate your mission to destroy zombies in Zombie Dead Set hack!


Zombie Dead Set mod allows you to plunge into a world of horror, ruled by zombies, not people. You, as one of the few survivors, will have to put an end to their rule, if not all over the world, then at least in a single city.

Fight zombies and defeat them in the Zombie Dead Set hack, simply by downloading the game from the links absolutely free. And with the modification, you generally forget about any restrictions, using an unlimited amount of money and spending it on everything that you can buy in the game!

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