Zombie Defense Mod (Lot of money) + Apk for Android

Zombie Defense mod apk is a non-standard strategic game in which you expect fierce battles against whole hordes of zombies, where you will play the role of the leader of a detachment of survivors, something that gets into different scrape. Help them withstand all attacks in order to successfully escape from the horde to their base! One has only to remember that you need to behave cautiously, because the fallen soldier will not be reborn again!

Gameplay Zombie Defense mod apk

In Zombie Defense mod is an uncomplicated gameplay, which consists only in giving orders to a squad of heroes. Here you do not even need to aim and shoot, it is enough to command your wards so that they can perform certain actions or take the desired position. Click on the circles to transfer a fighter from one position to another, where, in your opinion, he is most useful.

Of course, Zombie Defense hack consists of a set of rather difficult missions, each of which has its own tasks and difficulties. The farther from the beginning the mission is, the more difficult it will be to pass. So do not forget from time to time to improve the skills of your fighters and provide them with improved weapons!

Features hacking Zombie Defense mod apk

All that you will provide a modification for Zombie Defense mod – a huge amount of virtual money, for which you can always get the latest improvements or other features. In general, there are all the conditions to have fun in breaking into Zombie Defense hack, easily passing each level!


Zombie Defense mod helps to have fun, although the situation in the game is far from fun. Nevertheless, it depends on your tactical abilities whether your soldiers will survive or ingloriously die under the onslaught of many thousands of army of the living dead.

Download Zombie Defense hack on your mobile device for free and play without any restrictions. Just follow the links, download the game, install and play not only the full original, but also in the modification!

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