Zombie Diary Mod (Money) + Apk for Android

Zombie Diary mod apk – cartoon game in the style of zombies. On your planet, the apocalypse is often, and you have already developed an immunity to it. As always, zombies roam the streets in search of prey. You are no stranger, so it’s time to act. Your task is to neutralize the city and for this you will need a shotgun. During the game, your type of weapon will change and zombies will begin to meet stronger on your way.

Gameplay Zombie Diary mod apk

In the game Zombie Diary mod you have to kill zombies, since at the moment this is the only way to defeat them. To get to the laboratory, you need to clear your way and only there you can invent a medicine. Zombies will attack you from all sides, but as an experienced fighter you are not afraid of this. With a calm face, your character shoots his enemies, he is not even embarrassed by pieces of flesh flying in all directions.

On your way into the Zombie Diary hack will meet not only the walking dead, but also bonuses. They can be presented in the form of weapons or first-aid kits, try not to miss them. Your hero will have to walk a lot and be ready for this change of locations. On the playing field, you will see, in addition to the cartoon graphics, the number of zombies you will encounter on the level.

Features hacking Zombie Diary mod apk

The main feature of the game Zombie Diary mod is the amount of money. There is no need to make special efforts to earn them. You kill the walking dead and get a reward, it sounds easy. The main difficulty in Zombie Diary hack is the bosses. They are so easy not to win, you need to know the weaknesses. Bosses you will know immediately, they will first be different in size.


An exciting game of Zombie Diary mod is suitable for everything. No matter what age you are or your gender, cartoon graphics will not leave you indifferent. Despite the motives of the game, the design makes it harmless and I want to play it. Musical accompaniment makes you want to enter the game again and makes it more exciting.

Download Zombie Diary hack is very simple. Take a mobile device or another modern gadget and click on the install button. The game is set a couple of minutes, so you have time to drink tea. After the installation is complete, you can go to clear the city.

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